Leisure Travel
When traveling to your vacation destination why not fully observe and enjoy the land beneath you as you travel? Flying in charter aircraft
gives a whole new dimension to travel. Experience the beauty of the over land scenery while you fly to your destination.
Ask your pilot to circle to see an interesting site.
Take a side trip to visit an area you've always wanted to see. Once you arrive at your destination, fly around and get an overview of the area from the air. If your travel destination takes you to the ocean, fly part of the way over the coastline. Observe the coves, beaches and rock formations. Look for whales, sea lions and dolphins. Note areas you would like to see up close and personal once on the ground. When traveling to the mountains, fly around the area and look for hiking trails and mountain lakes, observe wildlife foraging in the wilderness. Take a picture that captures beauty you will want to frame!
Let us know what you would like to do when you schedule your flight or be spontaneous as you fly. Our pilots are experienced flying along the coastline and over the mountains and will happily enhance your enjoyment.
And don't forget to fly to that sporting event, golf tournament, or ski day. We will get you there faster, giving you more time to enjoy the fun!