Executive Business Travel
Business today is digital. Global. 24/7. And yet, the need for a personal connection,
a handshake, a face-to-face meeting has not gone away. Meet the demands for increased efficiency and connectivity with air charter.
  • Work Smarter, accomplish more        |       
  • Retain key personnel and maximize human resources       |       
  • Increase your bottom line
Beechcraft King Air C90B
While some trips are planned, others are not. In either case, business leaders who demonstrate the greatest agility and responsiveness are the ones who succeed.
Everything you need to make your trip successful
Come and go as you want. Conduct business en route. The airplane becomes your workstation allowing undisturbed time to focus and be creative in a stress free environment. Fly directly to airports closer to your final destination. Meet a schedule others consider impossible. With Centurion’s air charter, you call the shots and we take care of every last detail.
A plane for any occasion.
Our aircraft have been hand-selected to suit your particular charter needs. Whatever the mission, we have the craft you need to travel in comfort and style.
Know what's on board, who's on board.

Now more than ever, security is first and foremost with distinguished travelers. Getting there safely and comfortably is a top priority. You know who's on board so discuss proprietary information without concern. Plan and discuss strategy without distraction. Increase your team's efficiency.
Business Air charter specialists
What to do if you need to take your company on the road? Centurion can help make it happen...
  • Aggressive agenda and whirlwind tour set for your company's executives.
  • Get the boss, sales team and/or new product in front of the right people in short order.
  • Conduct essential in-flight meetings en route…knowing that sensitive information won't fall into the wrong hands.
  • Your company needs to fly special VIP clients to its corporate headquarters. The way you get them there may influence future relations. Fly them in the total comfort and style of a chartered aircraft. Get them there without hassle or delay.